Thank you for participating in the CEEDAR Institute. We would like to know if the meeting met its objectives and supported your work. Your honest feedback will help the CEEDAR Center improve future events.

We would appreciate your feedback in response to the following:

1 ) The meeting content was relevant to your (your institution’s) efforts to improve teacher preparation.
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2 ) The presentation by Maggie Stevens was relevant and informative.
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3 ) The presentation by Michael Orosco was relevant and informative.
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4 ) The presentation by Randi O’Connor was relevant and informative.
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5 ) The information and materials/tools presented were of high quality (e.g., easy to understand and based on up-to-date research).
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6 ) Overall, the meeting was a good use of time.
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7 ) Which aspects of the session were most valuable?

8 ) Please share any additional comments or suggestions.